W ith over 30 years of rope experience, our technicians are capable of finding the most cost-effective method to complete all your commercial building and structural needs. 

Please see our Recent Projects page for photos of some of these services. 

Services we provide:

  • Rope rescue standby, consulting and training
  • Roof top anchor placement and consulting
  • Location of and repairs on commercial building leaks
  • Exterior commercial building waterproofing, pressure washing, painting, caulking, façade repairs, masonry work, window replacements and restoration, and interior/exterior atrium cleaning
  • Sign installations and removal
  • Banner hanging
  • Flagpole repairs
  • Dam and structural access
  • Exterior commercial building inspections, smoke stack, mechanical and industrial, iconic structure and bridge inspections
  • Window restoration, hard water stain and graffiti etching removal
  • Full commercial building façade pressure washing, waterproofing, caulking, painting, masonry repairs, and brick sealant application
  • Walkway and expansion joint caulking
  • Façade inspection and report
  • Atrium services (maintenance, cleaning, inspections, waterproofing and repairs)

If you do not see a service you may desire, please feel free to reach out to us. Our skilled technicians are capable of a wide variety of difficult access projects.

Although our specialty is rope access, we do perform swing stage and boom lift work on high rise commercial buildings and structures. With the combination of rope access on larger scale projects, OnRope is sure to provide the most cost effective solution for your commercial building needs.