O nrope Services is an exterior building and structural access company located in the Pacific Northwest.

Our specialized rope access teams provide the means to reach high elevations and otherwise inaccessible locations in a safe and cost-effective way.  Industrial rope access enables workers to access at-height locations using ropework instead of scaffolding, cradles, or aerial work platforms.

Onrope Services trains our technicians to the standards of SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians), a non-profit agency that develops standards for both rope access work and company and worker qualification.  SPRAT sets rigorous standards for technician training and evaluation. Certification is based on a three-level system, where a combination of training, examination and logged work experience is required to advance between each level of Rope Access; from Rope Access Worker (Level I) to Rope Access Lead Technician (Level II) and finally Rope Access Supervisor (Level III).  All of our technicians are SPRAT certified. 

Onrope Services has zero recordable incidents and over 200,000 hours on rope, so you can be assured that safety is always first and foremost throughout every project. 


Our Team

Ken Myers


Brett Gebhardt

Project Manager

Curtis Snider


Nick Mosier


Certification and Training

T he technicians at Onrope Services are highly trained and fully certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). Our teams have an exemplary safety record, supported by continuing education, certification and training.  We routinely conduct in-house training sessions for employees using our state-of-the-art structure that was custom-built for rope access training, offering technicians the chance to learn and demonstrate all the required SPRAT skills in a safe and monitored simulated working environment.